Where to Inject B12 Injections for Weight Loss

There are a number of reasons why you might be told to take more Vitamin B12. Some medicines that your doctor might prescribe for you could create a deficiency of this vitamin. It may also be prescribed or recommended as a method of weight loss. Although self-injections aren’t always recommended because they can hurt a lot, there are some specific places that you will want to focus upon when you need an injection.

It is important to make sure that you place your Vitamin B12 injection into muscle tissue. Make sure that you’ve stored the vitamins in a cool room, not a refrigerator. You’ll also want to dispose of your needles properly to prevent contamination. Have a proper disposal bin in your home to use. Most importantly, keep this vitamin away from the pets and kids with whom you share a home.

In the Buttocks Is the Best Place

One of the largest places of muscle mass on the body is the buttocks. That’s not the easiest place to reach if you’re trying to give yourself the injections of Vitamin B12 for weight loss, but it is the best. If you have someone who can give you the injection, then the muscle tissue here can handle the injection the best and it is the least painful site.

In the Thigh Works Well Too

If you need to inject yourself, the next best muscle to use is one of your thigh muscles. Make sure to use your upper thighs, about 6 inches above the middle of your thigh, so that the injection is as quick and effective as possible. There’s still plenty of muscle there and you’ll be able to go about your day without much difficulty afterward.

The Outer Hip Is a Good Alternative

The outer hip, which you’ll find in front of your large hip bone, can be an effective secondary alternative. If you do choose to inject in your hip, then make sure to place the injection beneath the front of the hip bone muscle. Miss and you might end up tagging your sciatic nerve that runs down the back of your hip.

An Arm Is a Viable Spot

If you’re not comfortable with the leg or the hip, your deltoid muscle in your upper arm can be a solid injection site. To locate the best spot in your arm for your Vitamin B12 injection for weight loss, flex the arm. You’ll see an upside-down triangle in the muscles of the arm when you flex. That’s the best place to put your injection.

Any Other Muscle Will Work In a Pinch

As long as you place your injection into a muscle, you’ll receive the benefits of this vitamin. Make sure you get it into a muscle because if you don’t, you won’t receive any benefits whatsoever and that means wasted money. If you’re uncomfortable finding the right spot for you, then ask your doctor to perform them or have a loved one do it for you so that you can get the weight loss benefits you may need.

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