10 Weight Loss Myths – #4: Losing weight is linear

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I’d like to welcome you back to my multi-part series about the “10 Biggest Myths & Lies About Weight Loss”.

And if you’re joining me for the first time and you missed the first 3 weight loss myths, I suggest you check them out first or after this article.

As a quick reminder, weight loss myth #1 was that “All Calories Are Equal” … Lie #2 was that “Carbs Make You Fat” and myth #3 was that “Diet foods help you lose weight

Today is myth #4: Losing Weight Is A Linear Process

Most people get frustrated and give up prematurely when they don’t achieve their weight loss goals in a specific time frame because they think it happens progressively, week after week, month after month. Like a linear graph.

So they get on the scale daily or weekly expecting to always be losing weight. But, this doesn’t happen in the real world.

Some people have a “fast beginning” and you start losing a lot of weight at the beginning, it seems easy and effortless.

But then your body adapts and weight loss stops. You may even start to gain a little weight.

DON’T give up because if you keep doing all the right things, weight loss will start up again until you hit your next plateau

And some people have a slow beginning. Where it seems like there’s no progress at all the first few weeks. This is very frustrating. But then, all of a sudden you lose a big chunk of weight.

And then you’ll stop, maybe even gain some weight. Again, DON’T give up, continue doing all the right things and then your body will once again, release a few more pounds almost overnight.

So sometimes it’s like 2 steps forward, 1 step back… then 3 steps forward, 1 step back and then something goes wrong and it’s like only 1 step forward and 3-4 steps BACK.

Anyway, I’m sure you get the point.

It doesn’t matter how much weight you lose in a week. It matters how much weight you’ll lose in a month and ultimately, the end of the year.

And most importantly, what you KEEP off long-term. And the reason for all these ups and downs, are the changes in your hormones.

The “hormone” issue affects women a lot more because of their menstrual cycles and water weight and so forth.

But stress, change in sleep patterns, changes in the types of foods you eat… or you start to exercise and you gain MUSCLE weight, which also adds additional water weight.

Lots of variables when it comes to hormones because they can cause you to gain muscle or lose fat or hold water weight and so many other factors.

Just don’t give up. Keep doing all the right things. Stay focused.

Pay MORE attention to how you FEEL and LOOK, not at the silly scale.
Success with anything in life has to do patience and persistence… and executing correct, daily habits week after week, month after month, year after year.

It’s all about consistency.

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