10 Weight Loss Myths – #6: Supplements Don’t Work

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So we are halfway through my multi-part article series about the 10 biggest myths and lies about weight loss.

I’ve been taking supplements my entire life it seems. Even as a child, I took my chewable Flintstone vitamins. I’m not sure if they did much, but they tasted good.

However, in my early years — my teens and 20’s –I was always hearing people tell me that “supplements don’t work” or “they’re bad for you” or “you don’t need supplements, you get everything through food”.

I’ve had plenty of doctor friends call supplements “expensive urine” because they’re just a “waste of money”.

However, over the past decade or so, hundreds of studies have repeatedly shown that

  1. We are deficient in many vitamins and minerals.
  2. The correct form and dosage of supplements really do work in improving your health and longevity.

Not mention, almost all of us are deficient in key nutrients found in HERBS.

Most people don’t realize that over half of the drugs made are based on plants and herbs. They naturally heal you and animals all know this because their diets are heavy in herbs and plants.

What’s sad is the “food pyramid” that you’ve seen, doesn’t even list plants and herbs.

Add in the fact of

  • soil and water depletion
  • low nutrient foods
  • Pesticides
  • poorly raised animals and meats
  • Toxins
  • and the fact that the older you get, the worse your absorption becomes

…clearly shows why you’re aging faster than you should be.

Thus, the lack of nutrients in your diet causes deficiencies which leads to cravings, negative changes in your mood, behavior, and ultimately – hormonal imbalances.

Now you know why you have a hard time losing fat, have low energy, crave “bad” foods, are always hungry, losing muscle, don’t sleep well and so on and so forth.

So YES, you most definitely need supplements… but only the right ones for YOUR body, YOUR health goals and what YOUR body is lacking.

However, this does lead to another problem — that many supplements on the market are poorly designed.

  • They use the wrong FORM of vitamins and minerals that don’t absorb well.
  • They contain low dosages that don’t do anything or you’ll have to take a handful of pills to notice any benefits.
  • The herbs don’t contain the correct extracts… they use cheap, “dead” powders.

And thus, all of this means that it really is a waste of money and could potentially even be harmful for your health.

This is why universities, professional and Olympic athletic teams, and medical offices hire me to formulate specific solutions for them.

This is why I spend a lot of time, research and money formulating my own supplements … because these are products that I use for myself, family and friends.

Additionally, I want the people who utilize my formulas to get amazing results and benefits because that means repeat users, they’ll make referrals and will become long-term, loyal clients.

I’m focused on long-term health.

So yes, you do need supplements and yes, most are poorly designed and don’t work.

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  1. safely increase your metabolism
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