💪Fat Loss Hormones That’ll Get You Ripped & Muscular (2024)

Burn Fat & Increase Metabolism

Today’s topic is very important in 2024 for both men and women, young and old.

Read it if you want to:

  • Get lean and ripped and stay that way year-round
  • If you want to preserve muscle and even gain it while losing body fat
  • If you have blood sugar problems
  • If you want to reduce sugar cravings and hunger


Now, the next minute or two will be a little bit technical…

But I know my audience is smarter than the average person and you’ll understand it.

It’s just very important information you should know about your body and WHY you’re not getting the results you want.

Fat Burning Hormones

When I bring up fat loss and hormones, most people will think about the basic stuff such as:

  • Thyroid hormones – which do increase your metabolism
  • Insulin – which controls blood sugar when you eat carbs and sugars
  • Cortisol – the stress hormone that causes belly fat and also increases insulin

These are produced by glands and organs. Just as testosterone is produced by your testicles and estrogen by the ovaries.

In this situation, the optimal balance would be:

  1. Higher thyroid
  2. Lower insulin
  3. Lower cortisol levels

fat loss hormones 1

And I’ll be writing about each of these hormones in the future.

So, please make sure to check my blog regularly so that you don’t miss the articles when they are released.

Fat Loss Hormones Produced By Cells

There are other hormones associated with fat loss that recently people have been speaking about, such as:

  • Adiponectin – this burns fat & lowers blood sugar
  • Ghrelin – This stimulates hunger, increases your appetite & stores fat
  • Leptin – this lowers cravings, makes you feel full & burns fat

In this situation, the optimal balance would be:

  1. Higher Adiponectin
  2. Lower Ghrelin
  3. Higher Leptin

fat loss hormones 2

And these hormones are NOT produced by glands or organs but by your cells – primarily your fat cells.

Sadly, the more fat cells and the higher your body fat, the more unbalanced these hormones are.

This is why the fatter you get, the harder it is to lose the fat.

Thus, you have even more reason to lose fat so you can stay lean and get ripped year-round.

By the way, you can actually improve all of these hormones by taking one pill that contains natural ingredients, herbs, and amino acids.

You can get all the details below at the end of the article.

But, don’t go there yet…

Fat Loss Hormones Produced By Your Gut

And now we arrive at today’s main topic – fat loss hormones produced by your gut.

More specifically, two hidden fat loss hormones that rarely any scientist or doctor speaks about and certainly not the average “fitness expert” and that’s GLP and GIP.

GLP stands for Glucagon-like Peptide
GIP stands for Glucose-dependent Insulinotropic Peptide

…. And now we will end the boring, science stuff.

All you need to know is that when these two hormones are correctly balanced, which I’ll show you how to do in a minute, they can:

  • shut down hunger
  • reduce your appetite and cravings
  • decrease muscle breakdown, which means MORE muscle (this is important for people lifting weights, as well as just aging)
  • Improve insulin sensitivity and help support healthy blood sugar
  • Increase fat burning, especially belly fat

food to build muscle and lose fat

The end result is that not only do you eat less food but the foods and calories you DO eat, get utilized for energy and muscle and tissue building, rather than fat storage.

And I’m sure you’re thinking, “Yeah baby, this is awesome” and it is!

It’s All About Your Hormones

This is why some people eat whatever they want and don’t get fat. It’s genetics and hormones.

Fat loss isn’t a simple matter of calorie math or calories in and calories out, but a rather complex interaction of hormonal biochemistry and genetics.

Of course, we can’t change your genetics, but we CAN improve your hormones… at any age, male or female.

And you can do this with a natural pill, which I stated earlier, and the link to that at the end of the article.

However, you can also do it with food as well.

Never Do This Addictive Combination

One of the simplest ways to accomplish this proper balance between GIP and GLP is to NOT eat a meal that’s both high in carbs and fats.

Unfortunately, this is what most people do and all the tasty foods have this combination.

Pizza, one of my favorite foods is specifically this – primarily high fat and carbs.

All snack foods – chips, donuts, pastries, and so forth – are primarily fat combined with carbs.

Ice cream is another one of my favorites – sugar and fat.

Bread and butter, or cream cheese – again, another favorite of mine – it’s high fat + carbs.

high fat high carbs

In fact, the combination of sugar + fat is highly addictive to BOTH your brain and your body … And the food industry knows this and this is why so many foods have this combination.

To get you addicted to eating more, buying more, and getting fatter and this horrible cycle goes on and on.

Do THIS Instead

What you want is a meal that’s primarily protein + fats … or … proteins + carbs.

But never primarily carbs + fats.

For example, you can have salmon with vegetables. That’s protein + fat and small amounts of carbs.

Or, you can have grass-fed bison + yams or white rice. That’s mainly protein + carbs, and small amounts of fat.

protein +fats protein+carbs

Yes, you will still have small amounts of fat and carbs with these other meals. There’s no way around it and that’s fine.

The best times to eat your higher-carb meals would be before and after your workouts and before bed.

For the rest of the day, your meals should be primarily protein and fat.


So there you have it.

If you want to lose fat, get ripped, get muscular, live longer, have more energy, and look super sexy, improve your fat-burning hormones.

One important way is with your diet and that’s to not eat a meal that’s high in both carbs and fats.

You can also take specific natural supplements that will help accomplish this goal.

If you’re in a rush and want faster and easier results, then combine the two methods – diet + a natural supplement.

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