5 New Year’s Resolution Success Keys



I think most people don’t even bother doing New Year’s resolutions because they have failed at them so many times in the past, that they don’t want to be let down again and “fail” another time.

But the main point of a New Year’s resolution is to make an improvement in your life – health, money, relationship, etc. And in order to make a positive change, you MUST first have a GOAL!

… and ultimately, that’s all a New Year’s resolution is – a GOAL, something you want to achieve to “better” yourself and your life.

So, here’s the best and fastest way to achieve a goal and have success:

  1. Write it down and look at it every day!
    Stop trying to keep it in your head, it gets lost with all the other “junk” floating around up there.
  2. WHY do you want to achieve this goal?
    The stronger the emotional attachment to achieving the goal, the better the chance of achieving it.
  3. Take Immediate Action!
    Taking action puts everything in motion and the sooner you do it, the fast positive motion is started.

For example, let’s say I wanted to lose a few pounds of fat. I would do the following:

“I WILL be losing 10 lbs of weight over the next 60 days. I MUST do this because I’m tired of feeling unhappy every time I see myself in the mirror or when I wear certain clothing. It makes me feel old and I hate that! Right now I’m going to throw away all the junk food in the Cabinets and refrigerator. Then I’m going for a 20-minute walk around the neighborhood.”

I said what I WILL do, rather than “try” doing. I gave a reason why and then took immediate action. I planted the seed and started watering it immediately. It’s a great start!

Usually after this, you’re so motivated that you’ll take more action to achieve your goal – like look into get a new gym membership or watch a video on how to lose fat quickly or something similar.

And above all, be GRATEFUL for what you have and do your best to achieve what you WANT! An “attitude of gratitude” will making any goal easier to achieve and a lot more fun too!

… so, take action right now, while it’s fresh on your mind and “Just Do It”!

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