7 Steps to Burning More Calories

Steps to Burning More Calories


Something to notice here is that you need to MOVE more often! Most of us are sitting behind the computer these days, so put in the extra effort and move more.

One of my favorites is that I take a walk outside while I catch up on my phone calls – whether it’s for business or simply calling my mom daily and asking how she’s doing. I’m “walking and talking” on my cell phone, burning calories and improving my immune system – how easy is that?!! =)

Getting a good night’s sleep is also important mainly because it balances out your hormones and LOWERS “stress” hormones. For many people, when they are under stress, they EAT more or they crave “bad” foods – sugary, fatty foods.

If you have a hard time relaxing, taking a walk can surely help, writing down your thoughts …. and so can certain herbs and supplements, which help lower your stress hormones and relax you at night for a deeper sleep.

Finally, all of the above really comes down to maximizing your fat burning hormones.

Lifting weights…. Eating the right foods…. sleeping enough…. and taking special herbs all help to improve your fat-burning hormones, which results in faster and easier weight loss.

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