8 Christmas Dinner Diet Tips

For most of us, Christmas dinner is the most calorific meal of the year. In an average Christmas Day of excess and merriment, we eat and drink an average of 6,000 calories on the day, the equivalent of 23 (and half!) burgers!


Of course you should enjoy yourself and “eat, drink and be merry”. But paying a little extra attention to what you eat and how much, will make a big difference in both how you LOOK and FEEL.

If you’re looking for more information on faster and easier weight loss, take a look at these 2 videos:

  • VIDEO #1 – How to increase your metabolism, burn extra fat and reduce your appetite.
  • VIDEO #2 – How to block carbohydrates, sugars and fats from being absorbed and turning into body fat.

Remember, the New Year is right around the corner. You’ll probably be eating even more over the next week. So, the above 2 videos will make your “weight loss goal” a lot easier to achieve!