Dr. Sam’s Weight Loss Hack #2 Eat Candy To Kill Your Appetite!

One of the biggest reasons people gain weight and/or can’t lose it or keep it off, is because of their appetites! Many people, when they’re under stress, their appetite increases due to changes in stress, their appetite increases due to changes in stress ...

Burn Fat & Increase Metabolism

One of the biggest reasons people gain weight and/or can’t lose it or keep it off, is because of their appetites!

Gaining Weight

Many people, when they’re under stress, their appetite increases due to changes in stress hormones such as cortisol. This leads to us to overeating and many times, foods that are high in sugars, carbs and fats… typically “junk” or “bad” foods.


And this isn’t your fault because these types of foods increase serotonin levels, which helps reduce stress hormones temporary.2

Additionally, Serotonin is a natural appetite suppressant.1

Not Being Able To Lose Weight

This is also the same reason you can’t lose weight and/or keep it off!…

After a couple weeks of dieting, your body first increases your appetite so you can EAT MORE, to prevent any further weight loss.


And if this doesn’t work, your body then slows down your metabolism to again, STOP any further weight loss.

Remember, your body doesn’t like change.

So What’s The Point?…

The point here is that it may NOT be your fault that you’re unable to control your appetite at times.

However, is it your responsibility to DO something about it and one of favorite “tricks” is to simply have some candy the next time you’re hungry and you want to quickly kill your appetite and cravings.

Now, I’m not talking about eating a candybar, chocolate or Twizzlers.


For candy, I’m referring to a small MINT and more specifically, it should be Peppermint flavored.

And this because peppermint has many health benefits, but more specifically – it quickly reduces your appetite and calms your nerves and stomach pains.

And by “small mint”, I’m talking about anything that’s about 5 calories or less.

And NOTHING with artificial sugars, unless it’s Xylitol since it’s fairly safe.

However, I personally use something like an Altoid. One mint has only about 3 calories, less than 1 gram of sugar.


If I’m hungry, I’ll just slowly suck on a mint until it dissolves and that easily gives me at least an hour or two of no hunger.

Instead of eating food which has many calories, this was only 5 calories. Even if you did this 10x a day, that’s only 50 calories.

Much less than binging on junk food.

What About Other Flavors Than Peppermint?

If you don’t like peppermint, than other flavors can work as well. Try to stick to a “mint”, such as wintergreen or spearmint. Even Cinnamon flavor can work.

What About Peppermint Gum?

The problem with gum is that the act of chewing causes an increase in stomach acids and that accelerates your hunger and increases your appetite. Maybe chewing for 5 minutes is fine, but anything over that and you’ll get hungrier.

Plus, most gum these days have artificial sweeteners, which is NOT good for your health and does NOT reduce your appetite the way the same amount of calories in REAL sugar does.


The next time you’re hungry and want to quickly reduce your appetite and improve your stress levels, have a small peppermint Altoid. It’ll prevent you from eating junk food and save you in thousands of unneeded calories, which means faster and easier weight loss.

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