[ 2024 ]👍 How Losing Fat Increases Libido & Sexual Performance

Burn Fat & Increase Metabolism

Video Summary

The higher your body fat, the worse your sex drive and performance because excess fat creates a negative hormonal balance.

Problem #1

More body fat you have, the more aromatase enzyme your body produces and thus, higher estrogen levels. Higher levels of estrogen create more body fat and decrease testosterone levels, especially in men and testosterone is the primary hormone that controls libido and sex performance.

Problem #2

Higher your body fat, the lower your Leptin levels and thus, an increase in appetite. This makes it even harder for you to eat less food since you’ll be hungry all the time.

Problem #3

Extra body fat produces more inflammation. As you may know, chronic inflammation causes numerous health problems. And for guys, this means more difficulty in achieving an erection.

My point today is that losing weight, especially fat, is obviously very important for your overall health – cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, energy levels, etc.

But it also directly affects your testosterone levels, libido, and sexual performance.

Losing weight and stubborn fat doesn’t need to be difficult or complicated. In fact, it can be very simple and easy.

I’ve got a couple of really important solutions and videos you might want to see if you’re goal is to lose fat, quickly.

Take a quick look, implement the simple tactics, lose the stubborn fat, improve your sexual performance and feel a lot more confident!

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