If You Want To Lose Weight In 2024, NEVER Do This…

Burn Fat & Increase Metabolism

It’s 2024 and almost everyone wants to lose weight at some point in our lives.

And if not “weight”, for sure a little bit of that stubborn fat… Such as belly fat or leg, butt or arm fat for women.

And the older we get, the bigger this problem becomes… especially for women.

What’s worse is that statistics show that about 97% of dieters gain the weight back within 18 months1 and 71% gain back even MORE!

I’ve Been There, Done That!

Over the past 3 decades, I’ve become a “fat loss” expert because I’ve had professional athletes and celebrities as clients who demand fast results.

I’ve helped hundreds of thousands of “everyday” people lose the fat and KEEP it off.

Most importantly, I’ve personally been on some kind of a “diet” since age 11, in the 6th grade.

So, I’ve “been there, done that” and have tried it all. In fact, under this article I have a special link where I reveal the “big weight loss scam” and why 93% of diet and exercise programs fail.

You Should NEVER Do This!…

However, today I’m going to quickly discuss the one thing you should NEVER do if you want to lose fat and keep it off and that’s trying to “do it all” using only ONE form of weight loss tactic.

And by that I mean that you should NEVER try to lose weight ONLY with dieting or exercise or pills, alone. You’ll end up doing MORE work and getting LESS results.

This is because your body’s only purpose is the survive and it does this by ADAPTING. Your body wants “homeostasis”, which means that your body doesn’t like change and wants to maintain equilibrium.

So here’s how it works.

The Problem With DIET Only

If you try to lose weight primarily by dieting and eating less calories, your body will quickly begin to “adapt”2 by

  1. Increasing your appetite, so you eat more food and stop losing weight
  2. Decreasing your metabolism, so you burn less calories and stop losing weight


At this point you’ll plateau, stop seeing results and will be forced to reduce calories some more.

Then the same cycle starts again and your metabolism continues slow down more and more3… To the point that you’re eventually BARELY eating anything and yet, you’re still not losing much weight.

And the weight you did lose, is a lot more valuable muscle than fat. So you end up looking “skinny/fat”. You look older, feel tired and drained all the time.

The Problem With EXERCISE Only

Now, if you try to lose weight primarily by exercising all the time, it’s a lot more work because you can run for an hour and you’ll end up only burning about 500 calories. That’s just one slice of pizza.

exercise with pizza

It’s a lot more work. It’s just too easy to eat more calories than it is to burn it through exercise alone.

And if you exercise more and more, your stress hormone “cortisol” goes higher and higher. This means that again, your body will lose more valuable muscle and less fat.

This will decrease your metabolism and the same end results – you’re tired and start looking and feeling old!

The Problem With PILLS Only

As far as pills and supplements. Most of them do NOT work6, so it’s a waste of your money.

However, there are some very powerful and safe herbs that when mixed together5, will cause dramatic fat loss by

  • Decreasing your appetite
  • Reducing cravings
  • Increasing your metabolism

Unfortunately, your body will adapt to these as well and you can’t keep taking more and more pills.

And Now You Know Why You Can’t Lose Weight.

weight-loss-pillsThis is a primary reason people give up eventually and gain all the weight back.

We get frustrated with the lack of results because our body adapts and progress stops.

But here’s the worst part of it all…

When people stop and go back to their old ways, they gain even MORE weight because now their metabolism is ultra slow.

And the weight they gain back is even more fat and less muscle.

It’s a horrible cycle which causes frustration and aging.

Your BEST Solution – It’s Clinically Proven

To prevent your body from adapting or at least delay it as long as possible, it’s best to do a combination of all three4.

  1. Slowly reduce your calories and start with the “junk” foods
  2. Add in a little bit of exercise daily, or at least 3-4x weekly
  3. Take specific herbs and supplements that will optimize your “fat-burning hormones”

This combination creates a synergy and you’ll get MORE results, faster and with less effort.

This also causes LESS STRESS on your body, so you’ll lose more fat than muscle.

This is how my clients actually eat MORE food and have higher energy levels… while losing mainly fat and gaining valuable muscle.

The end result is you look and feel younger.

You won’t feel deprived, hungry or tired.

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