🥐🧀 Never Combine These Two Foods Because You’ll Get Fat! (2024 update)

Today I’m going to reveal to you the “Fat GAIN Formula”. And in a minute, you’ll know how to reverse this formula to lose fat, instead of gaining it.

Now, one “weight loss” formula that most people typically agree on, is that you need to either eat fewer calories or burn more calories to lose fat.

Thus, creating a calorie deficit, which will eventually lead to weight loss.

Calorie Deficit

However, this isn’t always true and it’s not so “simple”.

For example, when you’re sleep deprived or chronically stressed – you’ll get fatter, even if you don’t eat more calories.

And women deal with this every month because of their menstrual cycles. You’ll gain and lose weight and it’s not just water weight. Your cravings, mood, and metabolism all change.

And no, it doesn’t have anything to do with “willpower” either. And I say this because one too many times I’ve heard someone say something rude about how fat or overweight people are “lazy” or “gluttonous”.

Not only is this insulting, but it’s also not true.

The REAL Cause Of Weight Gain

So what’s the cause of weight gain, especially when you aren’t eating more calories?…

Well, genetics aside — it’s your hormones.

And if you’ve read my articles or know anything about me, you’ve read me say that the way you act, look, and feel IS dictated by your genetics. Additionally, your hormones can turn ON or OFF your genetics…

And, your lifestyle — diet, exercise, stress management, supplements, etc. — affects your hormones.

Thus, you DO have some control over your genetics, or which genetics get “expressed”.

So, “fat gain” and “weight loss” can be complex and it’s not as simple as “eat less and exercise more”. It involves understanding individual genetics, unique metabolic expressions, psychological sensitivities, and even personal preferences.

However, there does appear to be a common theme and this is where the Fat Gain Formula comes in.
And here it is: (F + S) x ST = Fat Gain

Fat Gain Formula


High fat (F) along with high sugar/carbs (S) combined with stress (ST), is the recipe for fat gain.

A high fat + high sugar combination has been shown in mammals to completely disrupt the normal metabolic regulation that occurs… more so than either high fat or high sugar diets.

Thus, COMBINATION is much worse and it’s the real problem.

  • It changes hormones & peptides.
  • It increases cravings for more high-fat, high-sugar foods.
  • It alters brain chemistry in a way that disrupts the natural ability to self-regulate calorie intake.
  • It increases hunger and basically sabotages willpower.

Now, there’s been studies done on this with rats and humans – the same outcome every time. So, I won’t bore you with the science jargon.

What About Stress?

So, I covered the first part of the formula for, Fats (F) + Sugars (S). What about the Stress (ST) part of the formula?…
(F + S) x ST = Fat Gain

Well, when you’re under stress – physical and/or emotional – your body starts producing various hormones and chemicals, such as cortisol, catecholamines, and NPY.

stress weight gain

Again, I won’t bore you with the science jargon.

Just know that when you add stress into the formula, it’s like adding gasoline to the fire — the fat-gaining effects are multiplied and greatly intensified.

So What’s The Solution?

Well, we can’t always control stress. However, you can manage how you DEAL with stress, that’s something I think we all need to work on more.

As for the Fat + Sugar part… You need to NOT mix these two types of foods in the same meal.

Thus, you should eat meals consisting of a combination of:

Protein + Fats (little or no carbs/sugars) — This might be a chicken salad with greens and avocado or olive oil
Proteins + Carbs (little or no fat) — This might be chicken with white rice or yams and broccoli

protein +fats protein+carbs

But do NOT combine “fats + carbs”.

Unfortunately, all the good-tasting foods are “fats + carbs”… pastries, chips, donuts, pizza, french fries, ice cream, hamburgers, so on and so forth.

These types of foods and processed foods that come in a “box” are designed to increase your cravings. Unfortunately, they also screw up your hormones causing you to gain weight.

So it’s not about calories, but the TYPE of calories and COMBINATION.

Solution #2

Now, we can’t always eat like this, especially when going out to restaurants, parties, family events, holidays, and so forth.

You want to enjoy yourself and the party and that also includes enjoying some of the yummy foods – the “Fats + Sugars” foods.

In these situations, go ahead and indulge a little bit and have fun. Then make sure you’re back to your healthy diet the next day.

However, if you’re the type of person that eats out often, or is social and still wants to enjoy these types of foods, you CAN take some “fat + sugar” blocking herbs.

Yes, such a supplement exists. Yes, it really works. Yes, you can still enjoy some of your favorite foods and NOT feel guilty.

Thus, you can finally “have your cake and eat it too”.

Of course, only in moderation.

But you can get all the details about this, in my next article. Click on this link and discover the “Fat + Sugar” BLOCKING Formula.

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