Weight Loss Hack #3 – Biggest Mistake & Worst Exercise For Fat Loss [Clinical Proof]

Burn Fat & Increase Metabolism

Today I’ve got a very important topic for anyone who has tried to lose “weight” and hasn’t succeeded because you either:

  1. Couldn’t lose the weight you wanted, no matter what you tried (it’s not your fault!).
  2. You couldn’t KEEP the weight off and you gained it back eventually (and maybe MORE).
  3. You DID lose the weight, but you did NOT end up looking the way you wanted.

And if you’ve experienced any of these situations, I fully understand your confusion, frustration and even “anger” about this because since the 6th grade (age 11), I’ve been on some kind of “weight loss program”.


Diet, exercise, supplements or “weight loss fad” … etc., etc.. You name it, I’ve tried it (except for surgery)

And thus, I know EXACTLY what works and more importantly, what doesn’t!

So today I’m just going to quickly focus on the best form of exercise for long-term and permanent fat loss and I’m going to start with a recent email I received.

Nothing Works… I Look “Skinny-Fat”

Dr. Sam… I really need your help. I swear, I’ve tried so many things to lose weight and I’m so frustrated. Either nothing seems to really work long-term… Or, the end result is that I DO lose the weight, but I look sickly or way older. My friend calls me “skinny-fat” and I hate it! It’s like I lose the weight in all the WRONG places?!!! I eat well and do at least an hour of cardio daily, what’s the problem? PLEASE HELP ME!

So, this is typical because of all the MIS-information online these days.

To get right to the point and not waste your time, cardio is one of the WORST exercises to lose FAT and look good.

Why Cardio Sucks!

For example, take a look at the following images and tell me which you would rather look like:


The man on the left does lots of cardio, yet the man on the right does lots of sprinting and weightlifting.


Same with the women… The left also uses weights, while on the right it’s only cardio.

How To Look Younger, More Fit and Feel Healthier

The simple point of these pictures is to quickly illustrate that if you want to look better, younger and “firmer” and feel healthier, it’s best to FOCUS primarily on some form of “resistance weight training”, instead of cardio.


So here’s the deal – Minute per minute, cardio indisputably burns more calories than strength training, which could explain why compared to strength trainers, aerobic exercisers lose more weight in less time, according to a recent Duke University study.

Lose FAT, Not “Weight”

However, your goal is NOT to lose “weight”, you want to lose FAT!


The fact is that cardio doesn’t do much for your muscles. In one Penn State study, dieters lost 21 pounds whether they performed cardio or strength training. But for the cardio group, 9 of those pounds came from valuable muscle, while the lifters lost almost pure fat and thus, gained muscle in the process.

Which means you end up looking more fit, healthier and younger. You look better in clothing, even better naked and you do NOT look “skinny-fat”.

#1 Exercise For Building Muscle & Losing Fat

And this is because strength training is the number-one way to build more muscle and lose fat.

For ever 1 lb of muscle you gain, you burn an extra 50 calories. If you gain 10 lbs of MUSCLE, you burn an extra 500 calories all day long, every day… even while you’re sleeping.


Unfortunately, cardio ONLY burns calories while you’re doing the exercise. Once you stop or you miss workouts, you do NOT burn any calories.

And without getting into all the details, cardio puts a lot of stress on your body and adrenal glands, causing NEGATIVE changing your hormones by decreasing your testosterone and growth hormones, while increasing your stress hormones, such as cortisol.

This is the OPPOSITE of what you want.


If you want to lose fat and keep the fat OFF and look even better naked, focus more on strength training and lifting weights, and LESS on cardio.

Plus, if you exercise quickly with weights by keeping your rest periods to only 30-45 seconds between sets, you’ll get even BETTER cardiovascular benefits for your heart and speed up fat loss.

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