What Causes Weight Gain?

Despite some common beliefs, weight gain isn’t just caused by eating too much food or consuming too many calories every day. It can be a major contributor to gaining weight for many people, of course, but some people gain weight for a number of different reasons. Sometimes people gain weight because they eat at a time when their metabolism is slowing down instead of picking up. Even medication can cause weight gain with minimal calorie consumption involved.

How to Correct Weight Gain

Can weight gain be fixed naturally? It can and the best news of all is that it can fixed while eating some superfoods with a combination of metabolism increasing herbs and vitamins so that metabolism levels can stay consistently high. Even when medication is the cause of weight gain, these agents can help to counteract the process of the side effect so that wardrobe purchases don’t become necessary.

Is exercise an important part of this equation? It is and if people aren’t getting at least 30 minutes of exercise 3 or 4 times per week, then adding exercise to a daily routine can help counteract weight gain as well. Switching to high impact exercises can help to add an additional boost, but sometimes exercise is already part of the equation and not working. That’s why these natural fixes can be an important part of a daily routine.

Foods That Help with Weight Loss

Believe it or not, one of the most common reasons why people gain weight is because they aren’t eating enough fats. When the body doesn’t get enough of what it needs, it begins storing what it is provided so that it can be used for later. That’s why eating healthy fats is such a critical component to almost every diet plan. Almonds are one of the best examples of this. Research into obesity shows that people who eat almonds every day can lose almost 20% of their total body fat even while consuming the same amount of calories.

All beans have a lot of starch in them, which is a very powerful fat attacker. Beans are also loaded with protein, which means you’ll feel fuller longer when you’re eating them regularly. One of the best beans to include in your diet are navy beans because they have the highest levels of starch in them. Just one serving of navy beans during one meal will help people burn up to 25% more fat each day than they would without the beans.

Bok Choy
One of the issues that people face today is a lack of calcium. A lot of calcium is found in dairy products, which are often avoided because they are perceived to have a high fat content. You can still get nearly 20% of your daily levels of calcium from bok choy, however, and that’s a good thing because it only has 20 total calories per serving. Why focus on calcium? High levels of calcium help to contribute to lower levels of fat. Eliminate the dairy, add some of this superfood, and weight gain can be naturally fought off.

What about chocolate makes it help people lose weight? Processed chocolates aren’t part of this. You’ll want to have unrefined chocolate as much as possible to take advantage of the power of the cocoa. It helps because it is high in antioxidants, which can help to prevent body cells from accumulating new fats. It also helps that chocolate has a natural level of caffeine to it that helps to rev up a metabolism quickly too. Despite popular belief, unrefined chocolate is rather low in calorie content: half an ounce has less than 100 calories.

What if the only change that was necessary was to add food to your diet? Grapefruits have a powerful effect on the metabolism, so much so that they can interact with the way medications are absorbed. If you take certain meds, then you can’t add this superfood to help you naturally lose weight. Check with your doctor about all your medications before beginning. If you aren’t taking medication, however, just add ½ a grapefruit to your diet that you eat before each meal. Research out of California shows that this one act can help people lose 1 pound per week.

Green Tea
Three daily servings of green tea can help burn off 100 calories naturally. It also helps to reduce insulin levels and that helps to further combat weight gain. It works naturally without anything besides the water it is steeped in to detoxify your system and will even keep the kidneys working effectively. The more tea you drink throughout the day, the more calories you’ll end up burning.

Kale According to a lot of research, kale is one of the most powerful foods to eat that is available today to combat fat. It provides many of the nutrients the human body needs every day and does so with low calorie counts and high calcium levels. It’s an effective detoxing agent as well and is often part of juice fasts.

Did you know that people who eat pears actually eat fewer calories throughout the day? In the journal Nutrition, researchers followed women who would eat a minimum of three pears each day. The study tracked how many calories they consumed every day and what their weights would be compared to women who didn’t eat pears. The results showed that the women eating at least 3 pears lost more weight and ate less food each day than those who didn’t eat them. Part of the reason is the amount of fiber a pear has – just 1 pear provides nearly 20% of the daily recommended intake of fiber.

Weight gain can happen for a number of reasons, but there are an equal amount of ways to naturally combat it too. Utilize these ingredients to naturally fight gaining too much weight and you’ll feel more energetic throughout the day! What foods could you add to your diet today?

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